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Former Finance Director at adidas, Now Your Guide to Business Success and Growth

Are you a business leader or entrepreneur looking to unlock your company’s full potential, foster a winning people culture, and optimize your processes for future success? Look no further – you’ve found the key to unleashing your business’s greatness.


Meet Bart te Nijenhuis


Bart te Nijenhuis, a former Finance director at adidas, brings a wealth of business expertise to the realm of business consulting. With a proven track record of success in one of the world’s leading sports brands, Bart knows what it takes to achieve excellence. His journey from the corporate world to business consulting has given him a unique perspective on how to drive sustainable growth and foster a culture of success.


What Can Bart te Nijenhuis Do for Your Business?


Bart understands that every business is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to achieving greatness. Here’s what he can offer:


1. Business Growth Strategies: Bart will work closely with you to assess your current business challenges, goals, and opportunities. Together, you’ll develop a tailored plan to drive growth and expand your horizons.


2. People Culture Enhancement: Discover how to foster a winning people culture within your organization. Empower your team, boost morale, and encourage innovation to take your business to the next level.


3. Process Optimization: Streamline and refine your business processes for increased efficiency and effectiveness. Ensure your company is well-prepared for future success.


4. Leadership Development: Elevate your leadership skills and those of your team members. Bart’s coaching can empower you to lead with confidence and inspire your employees.


5. Future-Proofing Your Business: Stay ahead of the curve by making strategic decisions that anticipate future trends and industry changes.


Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?


Don’t wait any longer to invest in the future of your business. Contact Bart te Nijenhuis today to schedule a consultation and embark on your journey towards growth, excellence, and lasting success.


Whether you’re an established business owner or a budding entrepreneur, Bart has the knowledge, experience, and dedication to help you achieve your goals. Your business’s success is the foundation of your legacy – let Bart guide you on the path to greatness.


Connect with Bart


Ready to tap into your business’s full potential with Bart te Nijenhuis‘ expert guidance? Connect with him today to schedule your consultation and take the first step toward achieving remarkable growth.




What They Say

Thanks to the Bart’s coaching I was finally able to implement the changes in goals, mindset and teamwork which let us tap into a potential of our business which we didn't realize we had. It's clear to everybody now what is expected to reach our goals and more so it is clear what we shouldn't do and what we should say No to. Thanks to Bart more clarity and intention drives the priorities of our business to new heights.

Pilar C. Managing Director