About Me

Bart te Nijenhuis

Bart te Nijenhuis

Business consultant

I, Bart te Nijenhuis was born in 1972 in the Netherlands and was a competitive tennis player in my youth. After spending (too many) years at university I started my corporate career which let me work for fantastic brands like Nike, Pepe jeans, Tommy Hilfiger and adidas. Since 2005 I have been living in Spain where my 2 sons were born. Up until starting a consultancy career I had a normal, busy and stressful corporate job occupying director’s positions at adidas.

 You can look me up on LinkedIn if your interested in the details of my long route to where I am now.

My perspective

I think business should be about energy, growth and focusing of how you can do more of what works. 

About how your team can perform at its very highest level.

And about how you can build processes to support future growth.

No, I don’t have a defensive mindset and I don’t think that the euphemism of ┬┤finding efficiencies’ is the gateway to a better future for most companies.

Whether you want to overcome a barrier or want to change directions in your business, I can help.

Let me be your guide so your business can reach its full potential.